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Drum Heaters (any type)

All the heating systems to maintain and heat a 25 to 220 liters drum. We offer a professional range of drum heater jackets, drum base heaters and insulated drum jackets that can be suitable for any type of plastic and metal drum from 25L to 220L.

Heated jacket - 25-30L drum - 300W
25-30L Drum - Heater Jackets

Heated jacket - 25-30L drum - 300W

€908.60 (VAT ex.)
Designed with chemical splash-resistant glass fabric. Allows higher temperatures to be reached.
200-220L Drum - Insulated cap 200-220L Drum - Insulated cap 2
200-220L Drum - Insulated Jackets

200-220L Drum - Insulated cap

€134.20 (VAT ex.)
Insulated cap for 200 to 220 L drum - Ø600mm H100mm.